Taking on the Forces of Evil with Life Element Skylanders

Life-ElementThe Skylands realm is very fortunate to have a solid group of fighters including Life Element Skylanders that keep peace and freedom among the land. These Skylanders make sure that the forces of evil never win against them and take away the harmony among its dwellers. Now, if you have been playing the game, there are a few things you would want to know if you’re playing with characters of the Life Element.

Life Element and the Forces of Nature

Nature is yours to command whenever you decide to wield the Life Element. Using the Life Element Skylanders, you’ll be able to summon various plants and other green living things that you can use as you travel throughout Skyland. With the Life Element Skylanders to accompany you – Stealth Elf, Zook, Stump Smash, Camo, your adventure in Skyland will be filled with fun-filled challenges.

Innovative Ways of Fighting Using the Life Element

The Life Element allows you to command plants and other green minions to aid you. But unlike the other Skyland elements like Fire and Earth, the Life Element has you coming up with ingenious and innovative ways of offense and defense using the Skylanders. Use water melons, acorns, cacti, vines and other plants; take control of them using your Life Element Skylanders.

Life Element Skylanders Vs. Water Element  Skylanders

While seemingly peaceful and oozing with care, the Life Element Skylanders can be formidable and quite effective in the battle field. And they are at their peak when they fight against those who wield the power of Water. Life Element Skylanders are strong against the Water Element. So whenever you face the power of water, immediately switch to the Life Element.

Cool and Adaptable, the Power of Water Skylanders Element

Water Skylanders ElementWater, said to be one of the four basic elements, the others being air, fire and earth. Among the four, water is the most abundant. Water is also the most flexible; it seeps into any container and finds its way even in the tiniest crack or opening. Water can come in many forms.

In solid it is ice, as air it becomes water vapor. In liquid form, water can be a slow trickle or a raging torrent. The world of Skyland is protected by a band of Skylanders who wield the water element. Like the latter, their various techniques are flexible and can be utilized in various ways.

Dynamic Water Skylanders Element

Skylanders who belong to the water element are dynamic and flexible characters. Meaning, characters of the Water Skylanders Element are adaptable to any situation especially with regards to dealing with enemies.

Take for instance, Slam Bam the yeti. He has an ice prison attack which he can fire from a distance to freeze his enemies, which he then finishes off by pounding them with his powerful fists. Another example is Wham-Shell, who can fire starfish blasts at enemies and whacks them with his mace.

Explore Skylands With Water Skylanders Element

In the Skyland realm, there are many areas which are covered with water. While other Skylanders may find this as an obstacle, it isn’t the case with Water Skylanders Element as they simply skim and swim through the water as if it were dry land. Thus, you can use this skill to explore water covered areas without much trouble.

Water Skylanders Element Are Strong Against The Fire Element

Many are intimidated by the Skylanders who wield the fire element, their attacks are really menacing, fiery and explosive. But for the Skylanders of the water element, they are pretty strong against fire thus aren’t afraid nor intimidated. Use the power of Water Skylanders Element to douse and extinguish the fire Skylanders!

Play Skylanders and Enjoy the Ride

skylandersIf you’re searching for a fun game that you and your kids will enjoy, play Skylanders; the latest trending game that is available on Xbox, Play Station 3 and Nintendo Wii. If you’re wondering what it is, here’s a little intro about it.

Skylanders and Its Characters

The gameplay of Skylanders is like any other; characters, adventure, much like an RPG, but, the twist is that the characters come from figurines. Well known as the “Portal of Power”, here is where you’ll install the figurines you have so you can play.

Each character has different abilities and different elements, namely tech element, water element, magic element, fire element, undead element, earth element, life element and air element. When you buy the package, there’s already a Portal of Power included and three characters.

Playing Multiple Skylanders

Why are there three figurines? Because, at any part of the game that you need to use a character, you can just pull the character from the Portal of Power and replace it with another, and by character, it means a Skylander.

Each character will have different stats based on defense, strength, luck and agility. In various parts of the game, you need to use a certain character to move on. That is why you need a lot of characters so you can play more and enjoy more.

Skylanders is A Lot More FUN with Friends

If you want to play Skylanders on a friend’s house, you just simply need to bring your figurine. Each figurine has a chip installed inside that saves your progress; your level, stats, experience and weapons.

Because it is saved in the figurine, you just need to plug your Skylander on the Portal of Power and you’re ready to go. Also, you can play Skylanders on your Wii at home, play with your friends on their Xbox, and play with your other friends on their PS3.

Figure Skylander

I've heard of them skylanders silver and so far only know Eruptor, Dino-Rang, and Boomer are silver. And they are legit. I want to know, do you see the money in the game? If not that would be very stupid. Please reply. Well, I have the answer here. Sorry to disappoint, but the silver toys are just different paint jobs. Data on toys are identical to the 'normal' the, so they appear in the game in their colors 'normal'.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmnCqqUC6KY&hl=en_US&fs=1&]

In this episode I review the number Skylander Eruptor

Figure Skylander

I work at a game store and granted, you should probably know the answer to this on my own, but I have no idea. We have been buying back Skylander numbers of clients and we can not seem to find any information on whether in fact these figures can be reused. If they can, we must stop buying these back. I want to be honest with customers when they enter, etc, etc. Has anyone tried this game out and I know for a fact. After looking around, I've learned – yes, they are reusable

This video will review the form of Zap. And as an added bonus, I have included an out take at the end. So you can laugh at me.


My nine year old this Christmas and want Skylanders sure what console version you buy. We have a DS Lite, Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3. What are the main differences between these versions? We are not interested in the PC version. Any help is appreciated, thanks. Well, I have the answer. As Kenny said there is no real difference between the Wii, 360, and PS3 with the exception of the creators of the Wii version were different then. 360 and PS3 version of 3DS is a completely different game on a different island, with a different idea. You have to collect crystals to unlock new areas, etc, etc. I just beat the game last night and still have plenty to do.

Boom. The magic continues this fall with Skylanders Giants, the exciting sequel to the adventure Skylanders Spyro. More great emotions, great challenges and great fun await you and your army of Skylanders. All toys available now work in the new game with its improvements and powers intact. For more information, visit Skylanders. Com / giants.

Spyros Adventure

If you are a child and own a Wii then Skylanders Spyro Adventure is a game you should see. With Xmas around the corner and many adults who have not yet made a decision to get what their children, indecision is over. Skylanders Spyro Adventure is a gift to any child will love.The game is simple but full of rich content and addictive gameplay that can be played over and over again without becoming obsolete. The game sports the latest technology and graphics are excellent. But the downside is that it costs big money. You browse a wide range of forests, oceans, mines, castles and the like to fight the savage invaders. Halfway through the game, you can begin to wonder why nobody ever mentions the name of Spyro. The hero is called Skylander and he never says a word. The game has been made with the action and if played in cooperative mode can even be more fun. Adults and older children can play the game too and have lots of endless fun. As the game progresses so does the difficulty level, making it a challenge for all ages. The story is not exceptional and is about a hero saving the world from evil. Patrick Warburton, Richard Steven Horvitz, and others do very well in the voice acting and make the game entertaining. Many parents may be reluctant to spend the amount of money that the developers are asking for, but if you want to mess with your toddler, and why not get the game and stop being so stingy. Furthermore, there is much money in the Western world today who do not know what to do with it. Why else would we go to war on a whim? Once you play the game you will be so excited that the puzzles could dominate the future for a long time. The game can be completed successfully within a very short time and all of its objectives can be achieved, giving a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. There are plenty of challenges and as long as you have a Skylander not have to start all over again if you die. You can collect bonus points and power-ups to make your character more powerful. It is not necessary to collect them all, but if you do, the game could last several days. Considering that the game costs about $ 70 you can expect never to end, but like all good things come a day when completed. You can buy additional levels characters and if desired, pushing the price even higher. The good news is that it is not necessary to buy all the characters available, but rather choose the ones you like. You can also exchange with your friends. The figures can be used in future games so can not be a loss once the game finally put to rest. The game is more or less solid, and has very few flaws. If they get that amount of money can be well worth it. The developer says that the characters can be used cross platform, and that's another reason not cheap.

Www. Latest3dsgames. Com A return early today just to give me this video unboxing of Skylanders Adventure Spyros. I will also upload a video game Skylanders later. Figures very nice and a great concept for this game.

Spyros Adventure

I have 8 skylanders (Spyro, hoarse gill, left happy crack, prism, sound period, stump of a tree to demolish, vadood and bash) and introduced me also increased, but the rest of the prism is broken and can now be into the adventure cystal eye on the contrary can not find one that can help me. What I noticed was – This is what a handful of other people said. . Balthor 2001 published. . Split Prism: Updates to its eruption very Crystaleer have a larger open break and damage, allows you to call 3 crystals at the same time, and provides costumes that reduces the damage. Prismancer while destruction is quite simple and assorted climbing only ray of energy and also results in separating in 3 spring supports when refracted through a piece. I would choose Crystaleer but that's just me. Donniedonz published. . Prism Break Prismancer way is indeed wonderful that I believe. The electrical energy uncooked their current lights used once the improvement in energy and can vary is very large. In addition, the double refraction work perfectly with respect to their ability to attract monsters crept into uric acid. It is easy to get the full computer screen covered with great energy efficiency of transverse arch. ChakDen1 published. . I downloaded the direction Crystaleer had say it is much better than Prismancer, but do not know why I never tried Prismancer, but now I'm probably the only primarily because I have curiosity. The crystal update eruption is very good, it helps players to injury 2 times. The fragment updates three times good, as does the destruction of numerous and easier to refract the crossbow now supported by it. As for its crystal armor, I have this update, but so far not been completed significantly, apart from looking good. — I'm about to go to butter my pooper using it real big.

Www. Latest3dsgames. Com A return early today just to give me this video unboxing of Skylanders Adventure Spyros. I will also upload a video game Skylanders later. Figures very nice and a great concept for this game.